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Tinkoff Mobile Wallet


IMPORTANT: ONLY AVAILABLE TO SUBSCRIBERS OF RUSSIAN MOBILE CARRIERS • WILL ONLY WORK WITH A RUSSIAN SIM CARD • RUSSIAN ROUBLES ONLYInstantly send money to your friends and family, free of charge • Ask for money privately and discreetly • Pay your phone and electricity bills, shop online and more with this new, simple, free and secure personal finance tool
MAKE YOUR MONEY MOVE. EASILY.— Transfer money to your friends on Facebook, by email or by phone, even if they don’t have this app installed.— Discreetly request money from your friends: collect money for a party, take back what you lent or ask to borrow money. Nobody needs to know except your friend and you. — Use the Wallet to pay your phone bills, shop online or pay the fines from the angry and merciless Russian police.
FREE OF CHARGE— NO COMMISSION when you deposit money through cash terminals in Russia. — NO COMMISSION on payments and transactions. — NO COMMISSION on money transfers. — FREE service. — FREE mobile app and web service.
NO HASSLE, NO RED TAPE— No ID needed to work.— Your free pre-paid is ready and activated. No activation or personal data needed. — Deposit money thorugh bank transfer or in any of the cash terminals that you find on every corner in any city or Russia.
WHY USE THIS APP— To settle debts with friends. Say, you are in a restaurant and someone picks the check. Send him the money through Facebook in no time.— When you’re throwing a birthday party for a friend, and you are collecting money. Ask your friends to chup in, and watch your wallet fill up.— When you need to shop securely online and not reveal your debit or credit card details.— When there’s an urgent bill waiting to be paid, and no time to go to the bank.